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The design of the shopping cart is critical to the customer purchase process. Your shopping cart should be intuitive and inviting so that even after purchasing, customers will revisit your shopping cart to buy some more!

In order to create a smooth looking shopping cart, eComplete offers the following options:

  • choosing from one of our Standard template (color changes and incorporating own logo possible).
  • Creating a fully Custom build design

When eComplete builds you shopping card we will make sure to provide as much detail on your products as possible by using descriptive words to gain a greater impact on your customers. In order to recreate the experience of physically handling your product eComplete can allow customers to zoom-in on images or even do a 360 rotation on the product. Another great feature eComplete incorporates in the design is the possibility for your customers to view all the products in your shopping cart en even buying them without ever been bothered to create an log in account.




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