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Digital Photography

As stated before, selling your products on the internet is all about presentation, showing your products in their most ideal way is not as straight forward as expected. As professionals we know what kind of requirements a digital photo needs to show nicely in your shopping cart solution, that is why we provide the service of taking the photographs our selves and loading them into the shopping cart solution...

We will show your products in the most flattering situation by taking a single photo for each product.

In order to provide the same feeling as physically handling the product to your customer, you can show your products with a 360° rotation, this rotation can be build up from 18 or 36 single product images.

Magic Toolbox Magic Toolbox

This additional piece of software will help you:

  • Amaze people – people will love interacting with these tools on your website.
  • Sell more – impressive images and effects give customers confidence to purchase from you.
  • Save time – these tools are refined to perfection, so you can install then move onto your next task.

Option Description
Magic Zoom Hover over the image for a zoomed area or click the image to enlarge it to full-screen.
Magic Thumb A fantastic way to enlarge thumbnail images .
Magic Magnify Hover to magnify, click to enlarge. We've combined two of our most popular tools.
Magic Slideshow Lets you display one image after another in rotation
Magic 360° Click to zoom, hover to spin. Bring your products to life!
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